32 Pearls 12 Days of Giving

Supporting the Local Businesses of Seattle and Tacoma

12 Days of Giving


This holiday season, we want to give back to our community during this unprecedented time. Many local businesses have closed their doors, and many more are fighting to keep theirs open. 

It’s so important to support local businesses because it’s these businesses that support the community.

Local businesses invest in the area. They fund and donate to nonprofits. They work in conjunction with other companies to keep the city moving forward.

Local businesses often make decisions that lead to positive outcomes for their patrons. They can offer value or refer customers to neighboring companies or refer patrons to you. We are simply creating a web of networks that will support your brand and the community.

Locally owned businesses provide our community with more jobs. Our city is unique and beautiful with so many different companies that are run by small independent families. We want them to stay local and provide us with their talents.

You might be a local business owner and one of our patients. Of course, we want you to succeed and move into the new year with fulfillment and positive well-being.

During uncertain times, people tend to hang on to every dollar and keep from spending. We can help each other by venturing out, expanding into the community, and visit a local business.

As a sign of support and appreciation, we will feature a local business every day for 12 days. Every day we will draw the name of someone who will win a $100 VISA gift card.

Our celebration of the 12 Days of Giving will ensure our goal to:

  • Give back to the community
  • Connect community members 
  • Bring more awareness to local businesses
  • Build strong networks and relationships
  • Give back to our patients, support local businesses, and build healthy communities through relationships.


We thank our patients and friends in our Seattle and Tacoma communities for sticking together and helping us all get through to the New Year. 

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