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Advanced 3D imaging ensures perfect veneers for your unique smile.

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Quick and minimally invasive procedures with little discomfort.

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Durable, natural-looking veneers that stand the test of time.

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Achieve a flawless smile and enhanced self-esteem.

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Our Procedure

The veneer process at 32 Pearls begins with impressions, digital renderings, and images of your teeth, sometimes creating temporary veneers in-office. Dr. Bilikas carefully customizes the veneers, considering your unique dental and facial structure. Using advanced 3D technology, you can preview your new smile before the final bonding.

After minimal enamel removal, temporary veneers are worn for 7-10 days, allowing for adjustments. Permanent veneers are then bonded, offering a natural, durable solution. Post-procedure, some sensitivity is common but manageable.

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