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The True Value of Dental Hygiene and Healthy Set of Teeth

Flossing for Dental Hygiene

Do you understand the true value and function of your teeth and dental hygiene? Having a healthy set of teeth improves your physical health, and taking care of your dental health is just as important as any other body part, organ, or physical attribute that you have. It’s not just about looks. It’s about fine-tuning […]

Reasons for Teeth Extraction or Pulling Teeth

A Crowded Mouth- Too many teeth grown closely together can crowd a mouth. These crowded teeth will keep other teeth from growing straight or keep other teeth from growing at all. Wisdom teeth and back teeth tend to block the proper growth of several visible teeth. Infection- Your teeth may have been exposed to an […]

Top 14 Foods for Teeth Whitening

Foods for teeth whitening 32 Pearls Seattle

We’ve all heard that reducing or quitting coffee will minimize the discolorization of our teeth. But did you know that there are natural teeth whitening agents in the everyday food that you eat? Take a bite out of these delicious foods that will keep you smiling brightly and reduce your teeth whitening cost. Milk and […]

Common Dental Problems for Seniors and How to Care For Them

Senior dentist 32 pearls Seattle and Tacoma

Age itself is not a cause of dental problems in seniors, but other problems common in the second half of life can contribute to dental issues. Here are some of the concerns you may face and how to take care of them. Your dentist is your best resource on dealing with these problems, so be […]

Is Flossing Really Important?

Just about every time you visit your dentist, you hear the question: “Have you been flossing regularly?” You brush your teeth twice a day, so surely flossing can’t be that important. Or is it? The American Dental Association says that it is, your dentist says that it is, so what’s the story? When you use […]

Sleep Apnea: Can A Dental Mouthpiece Be The Answer?

What is sleep apnea? Sleep apnea is a common disorder that causes cessation of or shallow breathing during sleep. Shallow breaths or a pause in breathing is frequently followed by a gasp or a snort and is sometimes accompanied by snoring. Very often, the person suffering from sleep apnea is unaware of the condition, since […]

Benefits of Fluoride

From the time your baby’s first teeth appear, their teeth should be brushed. Infants can have their teeth brushed with a soft brush designed for babies and plain water. No toothpaste is necessary and in fact, should be avoided until the child reaches the age of one (and some research says two). This is because […]

Protecting Your Smile With Athletic Mouth Guards

When you watch a football game, you’ll often see the players stuffing mouthguards in before a big play. They’re taking an important step in keeping all their teeth intact! Now, while your daily routine may not be as rough-and-tumble as a professional football game, there may still be situations or conditions where a mouthguard is […]

Protect Your Teeth With Fluoride

On a daily basis, your teeth experience a loss and gain of vital minerals that keep them healthy and strong (known as demineralization and remineralization, respectively). Several of these core minerals include calcium, phosphate, and fluoride. If too much mineral loss occurs, your teeth can weaken and be more prone to breaking or decay. Fortunately, […]