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COVID-19 Update: Learn the “New Normal” To Your Next Appointment

COVID 19 Update from Dr. Mike Bilikas
Dr. Mike Bilikas

As an oral healthcare provider, 32 Pearls has your best interest in mind. As we reopen our practice, we continue to update our Covid-19 policies.  Check our blogs, and media content about our safety practices.  We’re committed to guiding you through this time of re-opening.

Our new content will include:

  • The safety of our environment for our employees and patients.
  • New safety measures to look forward to at our office.
  • Improved air filtration system for maximum airflow through the office.
  • Safety procedures patients can do for prevention of the spread of the Coronavirus.
  • At-home dental practices for patients, plus Virtual calls for our Invisalign patients and virtual consultations with Dr. Bilikas.
  • Useful information and Covid-19 Resources

New Environment Safety Procedures

  • We ask patients to knock on the door and wait for assistance
  • We have installed tall plexiglass dividers in the office to block any spread of germs or contaminants.
  • We equip every room with air purifiers, which are an excellent defense against any possible air contamination.
  • We ask all patients to wear masks until instructed to take off.
  • All patients will complete a screening questionnaire.
  • temperature readings before entering the building
  • Hand sanitizer is available in and around the office, and patients are encouraged to use it.
  • Patients may be accompanied into the treatment area by another person or service animal ONLY if they are essential for the completion of the dental treatment.
  • Fewer appointments are available due to disinfecting procedures.
  • Staff is continuously disinfecting pens, clipboards, door handles.
  • Ten people or less will be in the office at any given time, including staff.

Bringing non-patients to your appointment

  • We ask that you not bring other people to your appointment.
  • Patients may be accompanied into the actual treatment area by another person or service animal ONLY if they are essential for the completion of the dental treatment.
  • An accompanying person must pass our screening for COVID-19, including the absence of any fever over 100.4 degrees F.
  • A screening for Covid-19 will be done for anyone before entry into the office.

7 Steps to an easier, healthier dental visit

 You can help stay healthy while at your dental visit by following the procedures and precautions below recommended from the centers of disease control.

  1. Upon entering our office, we ask that you use the hand sanitizer provided for you.
  2. Please use sanitizer before using pens to fill out any documents needed for your appointment.
  3. Please disinfect your hands after using the bathroom or touching any door handles upon exiting or entering the office.
  4. Please inform us if you are experiencing any coughing, sneezing, or difficulty breathing.
  5. Social distancing is required in our office, including handshaking to decrease the transmission of the coronavirus.
  6. Please inform us of any travel outside the United States.
  7. Please inform us if you have been in contact with anyone with the Coronavirus.

Useful Information and Covid-19 Resources

We want to provide information about the Covid-19 virus.   The information is designed to keep you healthy and safe.  Our goal is to share facts to help ease your fears.  Continue to check our website and other content for the latest information. 

How Long do Coronaviruses live on Surfaces?

According to WebMD, the Coronavirus can live on surfaces from an hour up to five days.  These include plastics, aluminum, and metal.  Surfaces able to hold the Coronavirus for five days are below. Some hold it longer than others. 

SurfacesNo. of hours/days they hold viruses
Aluminum – refrigerators, tea kettles, cookware2 hours
Copper – doorknobs, kettles, cookware4 hours
Cardboard shipping boxes1 day
Plastics – milk bottles, bus seats, elevator buttons, LCD screens2-3 days
Stainless steel – soda cans, water bottles, tin foil2-3 days
Wood – furniture, decking4 days
Metal Surfaces – doorknobs, jewelry, silverware5 days
Glass Surfaces – windows, mirrors, drinking glasses5 days
Ceramics – dishes, pottery, mugs5 days
Paper – newspapers, magazines5 days

It is always simple and easy to wipe down all surfaces that you use inside and outside of your home. Wipe down anything you bring into your home or office.

We encourage you to stay informed about what you can do to help spread the Coronavirus and stay healthy.

32 Pearls offers insight, guidelines and answers to any of your questions about the reopening of our office. We are committed to meeting your oral needs and keeping you safe and healthy.  Call (206)-322-8862 for your dental needs. 

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