Are Dental Implants Right For You?


Dental implantation is a science that has been around for about a quarter-century. The process, though, is as much about experience and artistic talent as it is science. That’s because you will want the resulting tooth to look as natural as possible, and that takes a good eye and lots of practice. When teeth are […]

Teeth Whitening Options

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, nearly 90% of patients request tooth whitening. That’s a lot of people who are conscientious about their smile. If you are among those who wonder if your teeth could be brighter, here are six things you should know. There are a number of reasons that your teeth may […]

Benefits of Fluoride

From the time your baby’s first teeth appear, their teeth should be brushed. Infants can have their teeth brushed with a soft brush designed for babies and plain water. No toothpaste is necessary and in fact, should be avoided until the child reaches the age of one (and some research says two). This is because […]

Dental care during рrеgnаnсу

Since 2006, dental care for pregnant patients has been considered safe, effective, and recommended. Before then, mostly due to lack of accurate information, women who were pregnant avoided dental procedures and many dental professionals avoided treating pregnant patients. But in 2006, guidelines were changed to promote dental care for pregnant women. If at all possible, […]

At what age should I bring my children to the dentist?

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As summer approaches and many people anxiously await new family members, we thought now would be a good time to bring up something that often comes as a surprise to many new parents. When should their child start going to the dentist? Normally, the first teeth to erupt are the lower front teeth (incisors). This […]

Protecting Your Smile With Athletic Mouth Guards

When you watch a football game, you’ll often see the players stuffing mouthguards in before a big play. They’re taking an important step in keeping all their teeth intact! Now, while your daily routine may not be as rough-and-tumble as a professional football game, there may still be situations or conditions where a mouthguard is […]

Protect Your Teeth With Fluoride

On a daily basis, your teeth experience a loss and gain of vital minerals that keep them healthy and strong (known as demineralization and remineralization, respectively). Several of these core minerals include calcium, phosphate, and fluoride. If too much mineral loss occurs, your teeth can weaken and be more prone to breaking or decay. Fortunately, […]