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Restorative Dentistry in Seattle and Tacoma

Restorative Dentistry includes Fillings, Crowns, Bridges, Dental Implants, and Dentures. At 32 Pearls Seattle and Tacoma, we provide excellent restorative care of all types. If you have cavities, you’ll find our new tooth-colored fillings are much more attractive than old metal fillings. 

If your teeth are damaged, we can repair them with new natural-looking e-max crowns or durable gold crowns, all custom made by a local dental laboratory. For missing teeth, there are many options, including bridges, implants, and dentures. Before we do anything, we’ll discuss all the choices, because what’s most important is your satisfaction.

Do you understand the true value and function of your teeth and dental hygiene? Having a healthy set of teeth improves your physical health, and taking care of your dental health is just as important as any other body part, organ, or physical attribute that you have. It’s not just about looks. It’s about fine-tuning your teeth for proper function.

Restorative dentistry doesn’t just make your teeth “look” good. Replacing missing or damaged teeth is a necessity for your overall health. The alignment of your teeth, jawline, and mouth aids and affects the following.

  • Proper digestion.
  • Decreases illness.
  • Aids in proper secretion of salivatory health.
  • Prevents the build-up of tartar and plaque that leads to more serious dental problems.
  • Improves speech and confidence while speaking.
  • Prevents infections caused by the inability to maintain proper dental hygiene.
  • Amazing self-esteem.

Your teeth are literally the gateway to excellent health, and when your teeth are in proper alignment and condition, so will the rest of you.

Dental hygiene isn’t just about a beautiful dazzling smile. However, that is the benefit of going to 32 Pearls and receiving customizable care from a King county professional dentist.

  • Highly skilled and recommended Seattle, Tacoma dentist with a passion for clients and dental arts.
  • We have individualized treatment plans.
  • State-of-the-art technology and care.
  • We have an entire staff and care team dedicated to you.
  • 32 Pearls offer an expert dental care team that goes above and beyond to assist patients with the care of their teeth, oral hygiene, and all orthodontic care with a unique, personal, and deliberate plan of action for maximum benefits.
  • Pediatric dentistry and care for your entire family.
  • Easy to schedule appointments.
  • YouTube videos, Facebook videos, updates, and moment-to-moment updates from the 32 Pearls staff.
  • Two easy to travel to dentist office locations in Seattle and Tacoma.
  • We have exceptional plans for those with anxiety and offer Sedation Dentistry.

Your teeth aren’t stalactites or stalagmites. They aren’t “spare bones” that stick out of your gums like calcium deposits in a cave. You don’t have to rely on luck to have them line up.

Your teeth are the perfect example of form and function. They are a performance machine, not window dressing for the showroom.

Your mouth is a complex mechanism of precise engineering. Finely-tuned and highly-evolved, it’s like a well-designed car, with elegant lines and power.

Sure, you can restore an old car, but it’s never the same as the one that’s fresh from the factory. Adding new bells and whistles won’t make up for poor maintenance.

If you buy a new car, you wouldn’t bang it around and bounce it off of curbs and walls. You would change the oil and take care of it! Maintenance is always more comfortable and better than trying to fix the damage.

Seattle Restoration dentistry means you can finally stop biting your cheeks. You can improve the pronunciation of words, have better chewing, make better sounds when speaking (or even singing). You get improved feedback from hot, cold, and pressure. In some cases, you can taste better and also have a better facial appearance.

It means being highly efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and performance-based.

Most people have 32 teeth. Some people have more, some less, but all of them are essential to good health and a beautiful smile. That’s why our friendly, experienced staff offers the most exceptional dental care to keep your teeth gleaming like precious gems.

Whether achieving the perfect smile you’ve always wanted, which means whitening your teeth, adjusting their alignment, filling in gaps, restoring damaged or missing teeth, or some other combination of improvements, we are here to help.

From the moment you walk in, you’ll see why our dental practice has been a Seattle and Tacoma favorite for years. We offer free parking, a warm welcome, and courteous answers to all of your dental questions. So please contact us today — and keep smiling!