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Dental Extraction in Seattle and Tacoma

These days, pulling a tooth is still sometimes necessary. An extracted tooth will make room in the mouth before teeth straightening or (orthodontic treatment) or to remove teeth that are so severely decayed or broken that they are beyond restoration. But don’t worry, 32 Pearls Seattle and Tacoma offer affordable dental extraction, and we don’t use a string tied to a door! Local anesthesia is necessary for all types of extractions.

Tooth extraction is the same thing as getting a tooth pulled. There are several reasons why you may need a tooth removal. Dental extractions do not mean that you do not take good enough care of your teeth. Sometimes, there are just too many teeth that have grown too close together and are cramming your mouth. These crowded teeth are also known as impacted teeth. 

  • Badly damaged tooth
  • Too many teeth
  • Wisdom teeth
  • To prepare for oral surgery
  • Broken tooth
  • Infection or tooth decay
  • Periodontal disease

There are two types of tooth extractions. One is a simple extraction, while the other is a surgical extraction. Perhaps if you have a broken tooth that is beyond repair, you will need an extraction. If more teeth have been damaged or are further in the back, then a surgical extraction is required.

Tooth removal can cause problems with your overall dental health. But not taking care of it will hurt! Most definitely, your care team at 32 Pearls has a plan for why the tooth is being removed, and trusting your dentist will allow for you to have the goal smile and proper dental hygiene that you truly want. Only 32 Pearls are your guaranteed Seattle experts for tooth extractions.

The team at 32 Pearls can help you with issues created by teeth removal. If you are very wise and call Seattle’s expert teeth extraction team at 32 Pearls (206) 322-8862, and whether you have a simple extraction or surgical extraction, it will be a good experience overall!

A local anesthetic will numb the tooth and the surrounding area. If you have any anxiety about this procedure at all, please talk to the staff before the day of the tooth extraction. The team is completely open and aware of your concern and will help you if you need a stronger or more immediate sedation method to help you! Just ask. The staff at 32 Pearls is on your side when it comes to making sure you are very comfortable with any procedure.

Please see our service page on Sedation Dentistry and our blog Calming Anxiety at the Dentist for more information on how to make your tooth extraction anxiety-free. 

simple extraction includes numbing the tooth and surrounding area. Next, the dentist gently rocks the tooth back and forth, just like you did as a kid when trying to remove your loose tooth. You will only feel pressure, but no actual pain. If you do, let the dentist know. If the tooth does not loosen well and is anchored deep within your mouth, the tooth is cut into little pieces and is suctioned out.

surgical dental extraction involves the removal of teeth that are hard to reach deep inside the mouth. Sometimes teeth have not grown or erupted through the gum completely, or have broken beneath the gum’s surface.

When this occurs, the dentist makes a tiny cut or incision into the enclosing tissue around the tooth. The incision provides an opening that allows the dentist access to the area of the extraction.

If soft tissues cover the teeth are inflamed or elevated, the use of a drill or osteotome may be needed to free parts of the jawbone. 

After the extraction, a blood clot is expected to form around the extracted area. Although all patients are different, 7 – 10 days is the usual time it takes to heal and cauterize. You really want to keep that clot in place. You may have stitches or gauze to keep the clot from movement.

Homecare After Tooth Extraction

  • Be sure to follow all the instructions given to you prior to leaving the office.
  • Take prescribed medications for pain.
  • Keep the gauze in your mouth as long as tolerated, or about three to four hours after the procedure.
  • You may use an ice bag for up to ten minutes at a time. However, leaving ice on the affected area longer can damage tissue.
  • Rest for 24 hours and limit your activity.
  • Only use rinse solution if recommended by staff
  • Refrain from smoking, alcohol, 
  • Soft foods are best for faster recovery

Be sure to keep in touch and go to your follow up appointment with 32 Pearls. If you have any questions at all, please call the office. They will be able to help you with anything that you may need regarding your tooth extractions. 

Feel free to chat with an associate right now about improving your dental hygiene with Seattle and Tacoma’s #1 dentists  32 Pearls

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