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Missing teeth may add to several problems, including sagging facial muscles, inability to eat certain foods, and speak. If you’ve lost all your natural teeth due to periodontal disease or injury, dentures may be your best solution, and getting them in Seattle doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience. First, any remaining teeth are removed, and a procurement model of the patient’s jaw is made. Then a temporary denture is fitted while the mouth tissue heals. Once the mouth tissue is completely healed, the patient is fitted with their custom dentures.

It is possible at any age to have a perfectly healthy smile regardless of the harmful elements exposed to your teeth. Some patients have had health problems or specific criteria that have caused damage to teeth, and those teeth are not restorable. Dentures are the solution that will restore your smile, give you confidence, and help you maintain a healthy dental balance.

Dentures are replacements for missing teeth. The patient or wearer of dentures has complete control over whether or not to take out the dentures. They are removable, can be used for eating or cleaning, and best of all, they do not hurt.

Dentures offer more than just an attractive denture that will enhance your appearance. Our dentures are designed for optimal functionality, and provide better chewing and biting than normal dentures.

  • Feature teeth that are individually hand-set to give you a youthful, natural look
  • Are matched in tooth size to the size of your face
  • Give you choices in tooth shape and color
  • Are compared to photos of you before tooth loss to ensure that your new smile is as natural as possible

Every Denture wearer is able to flash an incredible smile while enjoying a denture that provides stability, optimal chewing efficiency, and comfort.

Dental implant-supported dentures are a clear choice for patients looking to have dentures. Dental implant-supported dentures allow dentures to firmly attach to dental implants.  This allows dental patients to have confidence while eating, chewing and speaking.

Dental implant-supported dentures help preserve the jaw bone.  Dentures depend on jaw bone to fit comfortably. Overtime conventional denture patients lose jaw bone and loose gum, this loss of jaw bone mass relates to dentures becoming uncomfortable while eating, chewing or speaking. 

As new sets of dentures without dental implants are made the dentures fit less and less comfortable.  Adding dental implants to your dentures allows the dental patient to maintain jaw bone and maintain their gums. Dental implant-supported dentures can last twice as long as conventional dentures, saving the dental patient money. 

Your dentist will check your teeth and gums to determine what type of denture is perfect for you.

 It’s simple. Your dentist will check your teeth and gums. The bones surrounding your teeth and gums are also examined. This process allows the dentist to determine what kind of dentures will be the perfect fit for you and how to approach the method as well.

 It is up to the dentist to survey your teeth and gums and make sure your mouth is completely clean from any decay. The dentist will have to clean up corrosion and remove teeth that may be hurting you. 

The removal of more than one tooth will require oral surgery, which your dentist will be happy to go over with you. You will be asleep during the surgery and won’t have to worry about anything.

Temporary dentures will take the place of any teeth removed during surgery. Temporary dentures are essential because they will keep your gums from growing closed while you wait for your complete and final set of dentures. The temporary dentures will also allow you to eat and be comfortable during the healing process. Meanwhile, no one has to know that you even went through the process. They will know that when you smile, you have a beautiful full set of teeth.

Necessary measurements are taken to get you ready for the installment of your final and complete dentures. The color of your new dentures will also match the appearance of your natural teeth.

Images of your mouth and specific settings are sent to a lab where your complete dentures will be made and will be ready for you when you return from a full recovery from surgery.

There are a few different kinds of dentures that are all easy to work with and may be used with your treatment plan.

The patient can remove these dentures during and before sleep. Gums must be healed by the natural saliva that swooshes through the gums during sleep and provides natural healing of your mouth.

  • Complete dentures- Complete dentures are the final set of removable dentures that will replace all teeth after the mouth is healthy and restored.

  • Partial dentures– Partial dentures are removable prosthetics that replace some removed teeth instead of an entire mouthful.

  • Immediate dentures– Immediate dentures are temporary dentures set during surgery in preparation for complete dentures. Immediate dentures require adjustments to help bone structure align and blocks gums from overgrowth.

  • Overdentures- An overdenture is a prosthesis or an artificial implant that covers the remaining teeth or the roots of removed teeth. Overdentures are removable and the most efficient way to keep your teeth and gums supported.

When the healing of your mouth is over, you will return to the dentist for your new complete dentures. The partial dentures will be taken out, and you can be ready for a whole new smile and begin a new system for a healthier, happy mouth.

The team at 32 Pearls will show you how to affix, use, and properly care for your new set of dentures. There are a few methods on how the dentures will stay in your mouth. Mostly they are held in by suction. It’s quite easy. You just slide them in, and they remain in place.

  • Dentures are all customed to fit your mouth and gums.
  • Dentures will conform or affix to your gums.
  • Your dentist is now familiar with your medications, saliva production, and already knows how the dentures will fit snug and stay in your mouth.
  • Your mouth muscles will get used to and be trained at holding your dentures in place.
  • Dentures are custom molded to fit your individual gums.
  • A dental adhesive is a paste that can help keep dentures in place but is not necessary for the beginning stages.

Getting used to your dentures might be a little awkward at first and is very common. Don’t worry. You will get used to them. There may be a mild strain on your gums or soreness. Please feel free to discuss anything that makes you uncomfortable with the staff at 32 Pearls. They will have an easy solution for you and will work with you to make you comfortable with your new dentures.

Care for your dentures, and they will care for you. 

Be aware to care for your oral health now more than ever. Your mouth is essentially brand new with beautiful new teeth to love and care for. There are still risks that can develop if you do not clean your mouth, gums, and dentures regularly. Be sure to follow the below tips to keep your mouth clean, healthy and new.

  • Check-in with the staff at 32 Pearls and go to all scheduled appointments.
  • Brush your dentures with a soft toothbrush same as brushing your regular teeth.
  • Remove and clean dentures after eating. You can rinse them underwater if you are at a restaurant or away from home.
  • Soak dentures overnight in water or in a denture solution
  • Handle dentures with care because they can break.

Other extra care options for dentures also include-After you heal from oral surgery; you will return to the dentist’s office to prepare for your new dentures. 

  • Electric auto- cleaners
  • Anti-bacterial soaking solutions
  • Smart denture brushing wireless options

For more information, or to get a set of dentures, please contact us.