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Procedures for Veneers at 32 Pearls

The procedures at 32 Pearls start with impressions, digit renderings, and multiple images of your teeth taken and sent to a lab for a temporary set of veneers. Sometimes these temporaries can be made in the office. This depends on what method or customizable look the dentist makes for you. They will match the natural shade of your teeth.

Dr. Bilikas takes time and consideration when crafting how the veneers will fit into your mouth. He has to take notes and study how you use your teeth and how you smile. Even the expressions you make are important because your face exhibits what is happening inside your mouth. If you smile more to the left than to the right, that is taken into account, including lip curvature. The placement of veneers is an art, and it is essential to go to a dentist that loves what they do. It ensures that you will get the smile you deserve.

Dr. Bilikas uses the latest and most updated 3D technology that will show you exactly how you will look after the procedure. You will be able to have a temporary fit and can decide if you like what you see.

Dr. Bilikas removes a small portion of the enamel from the surface of your teeth. The veneers bond to the surface of the teeth with an adhesive bond. Next, a wax or composite model is made of the veneers to make sure they will work for the patient. Length to your tooth may be added, while spaces between the teeth are diminished.

The patient will receive a localized numbing anesthetic solution, but you can also have sedation to calm nerves and ease anxiety. See our page on Sedation Dentistry.

You will wear your temporary veneers for up to a period of 7-10 days while a lab is making your permanents. It’s like you get a test drive of your new design, and then you get to decide what you like about your new look, if you want anything changed, added, or decreased. You talk about it with Dr. Bilikas, and then you get what you want.

At your return visit, you will have your customizable smile, completed, and ready to be bonded into your mouth. You will genuinely have the smile you dreamed about. 

After your procedure, you may have a sensitivity reaction to the bonding. 50% of patients tend to have this sensitivity, but it’s not severe, and your Seattle Veneer experts at 32 Pearls know how to help you out.

Like anything new in your life, you have an adjustment period to get used to the veneers. Your bite might feel weird, or you might have weird sensations. You may experience pain that can be resolved with Ibuprofen. Gums need to get used to regrowth around the veneers, but you just keep on smiling, and you’ll be alright.

 You can call 32 Pearls anytime if you have any questions about any part of your procedure. The team can have you come in and adjust or file your veneers and have a number of options to maximize your comfort. Sometimes, it’s just bits of cement that are causing the uncomfortable feeling, and that can be taken care of for free.

What to look out for with your new veneers

  • You want to practice not grinding your teeth if you are a grinder because you can’t do that to your veneers. You will ruin them. Take deep breaths if you catch yourself doing it. Practice focusing on your breathing. Tap your pencil if you are nervous. Drink a glass of water. Put on soft music. Just don’t grind your teeth. Teeth grinding will extend your healing process.
  • Stay away from hard candy that can chip your veneers.
  • Don’t eat ice chips.
  • Watch out for bones in your food.
  • Don’t get into fights.

You have to take care of your veneers because your real teeth are beneath them.

  • Brush and floss regularly
  • Drink water with food
  • Stay away from coffee, wine, and foods that stain.
  • Rinse your mouth with mouthwash. 32 Pearls can recommend the right mouthwash for you.
  • Continue to see your dentist on a regular basis.
  • Follow-up and go to routine dentist appointments.

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