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Eating fresh vegetables will make your mouth less acidic

Spring is here, which means more activity and more outdoor activities. Snacking […]

Dental Work Safe

IMPORTANT: If You Have A Dental Emergency We Can Help You Now. […]

At 32 Pearls, the low-cost of Invisalign is so affordable; even Santa is considering Invisalign. $3200 is the entire price of Invisalign for the rest of the year.

healthy teeth during Halloween

Halloween treats are fine once a year when eaten in moderation. Globs […]

A Crowded Mouth- Too many teeth grown closely together can crowd a […]

Are you an adult that wore braces as a teen? Do you […] Congratulations! You finally took advantage of Seattle’s Invisalign Experts! Good job. […]

You may not know this, but 32 Pearls is #1 in the […]

Since June and up till July 31, 32 Pearls is offering 50% […]

At 32 Pearls, the patient is considered the most significant celebrity, and you are treated like one every time you walk in the door and sit in the chair. You will be treated like royalty because you are in the hands of people that sincerely care about you, your oral health, and your entire well-being.