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invisalign services

Invisalign® Services in Tacoma, Washington Get Invisalign® for Over 50% Off! Pay […]

teenagers cheer Invisalign for Christmas

We don’t want our teenagers to think that looks are everything, but […]

kids vegetables

Creativity is the way to get your kids to eat healthy foods. […]

Invisalign Offers 32 Pearls

More patients at 32 Pearls in Seattle and Tacoma have recently discovered […]

cracked teeth

Dentists nationwide witness an increase of cracked teeth, broken teeth, teeth fractures, […]

Dental Bridges Tacoma

Dental Bridges Tacoma

Getting a Dental Bridge is a standard orthodontic procedure for patients and […]

Pediatric Dentistry Tacoma

Pediatric Dentistry Tacoma

Your child is ready to meet the dentist as soon as six […]

Oral Home Care

People are staying home and shutting in since another mandatory stay-at-home order […]

Invisalign Treatment

Even though there is a lot going on in the world, people […]

32 Pearls Seattle and Tacoma Reopening

As the country is in motion to reopen, we at 32 Pearls […]