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Lower Prices for Invisalign® Extended for New year

Lower Prices for Invisalign® Extended for New year

As prices rise with inflation, Invisalign® is more affordable at 32 Pearls. Save $1,000 with our Invisalign® affordable care treatment. 50% off Invisalign®. Pay 0% interest on monthly payments as low as $99 You’ve probably heard everywhere that prices for the things you need are increasing. Food prices have gone up along with gasoline, medical […]

Get Invisalign® at our lowest price in December!

Get Invisalign® at our lowest price in December!

Christmas savings are here!🎅 Get Invisalign while the price is still over 50% off! (Prices increase on Jan 1, 2023.) 🎁Get Invisalign at 50% off until Dec 21, 2022. 🎁Pay 0% interest on $99 monthly payments. 🎁Enjoy free teeth whitening, free retainers, and free teeth scanning. 🎁We accept many payment methods, including insurance, payment plans, […]

Turn your 2022 Benefits into a smile

There are a number of financing options available, making Invisalign® more affordable than ever. Now’s the time! You’ve waited long enough for a beautiful smile. This year your dream can be a reality with Invisalign® aligners. And here’s the best part: your FSA or HSA benefits can help pay for treatment! Contact our office today […]

October is National Orthodontics Month

October is National Orthodontics Month

Celebrate with 32 Pearls and the #1 teeth straightening and teeth whitening system on the planet. – Seattle Invisalign® Invisalign® is a clear alternative to traditional braces. The revolutionary system straightens teeth without the use of unsightly wires and brackets. 32 Pearls is proud to bring you the enhanced teeth straightening option over braces. We […]

Ten Reasons You Want to Get Invisalign at 32 Pearls

32 pearls invisalign

There is no better time than getting the smile you’ve always wanted. Right now, you can join the 12 million people that have transformed their smiles and lives with Invisalign. Even if you had braces in the past, your teeth shift over the years. Invisalign is less expensive and easier to manage than braces. If […]

Why Treating Black Triangles and Gapped Teeth with Composite is NOT The Best Idea

black triangle teeth

Get access to the best and most affordable treatment for black triangles and gapped teeth. The best method for closing gapped teeth includes the all-encompassing Invisalign solution. Black triangles in teeth, also known as gingival embrasures, cause embarrassment and a lack of confidence. No one wants large black gaps between their teeth that are highly […]