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From Braces to Invisalign in Seattle and Tacoma

Are you an adult that wore braces as a teen?

Do you remember the feeling of having your braces removed in your teens? After the cement was removed, do you remember how smooth your teeth felt? You would smile all of the time. Maybe you were even one of those people able to glide your tongue over your teeth because they felt so perfect.

Did you smile in the mirror constantly as if doing a reenactment of Marcia Brady? You felt terrific, right? So, now you are somewhere between 35-50 and well, what happened? Braces were supposed to straightened everyone’s teeth forever.

A high percentage of adults who wore braces in their teens need their teeth straightened.

Adults who wore braces in their teens need their teeth straightened.
A woman wearing an orthodontic silicone trainer. Invisible braces aligner. Mobile orthodontic appliance for dental correction.

Are you looking in the mirror to find their teeth not looking so great as that revealing moment when the braces were first removed? If you haven’t worn your retainer every night since you were 16 (You would have had to have it adjusted for the past 30 years), you’re teeth shifted. Teeth move with you throughout your life. They continue to shift and can grow in all different directions and this is very normal.

Invisalign will straighten your teeth without metal wires

Dentists are choosing Invisalign as the safest and top recommended way for adult’s teeth straightening solutions. As an adult, you do not have to go through what you did with braces in this day and age. Invisalign was invented so the process of going to the dentist is now easier.

Straighten your teeth again with Invisalign

Invisalign can bring your teeth together again and you can smile as much as you did back when you had braces. But this time it’s different. You do not have to go through the painful extraction and pulling of wires. The dentist will not be coming at you with pliers to pull apart the wiring because there isn’t any.

Invisalign does exactly what braces did except in less time. Also, they are made of plastic. The best part is you can take them out. Remember when your braces hurt so bad and all you could do was ask your mom for aspirin? You can take out your Invisalign. You can remove them yourself and take a break from them. The longer you wear them, the faster you can stop using them but you are not bonded to them.

Invisalign is safe

FDA-approved, Invisalign was developed and formulated for health-conscious people. They do not have BPA, BPS, latex, or gluten. That is why Invisalign is so great because anyone can wear them. Anyone can have the right to have a beautiful smile.

There are no extra surprises with Invisalign. You’ll never be chatting with someone and a rubber band flies out of your mouth, and spinach can not get lodged in between the plastic.

Dr. Mike Bilikas cares about his patients

Dr. Mike Bilikas has practiced dentistry for 15 years. He practiced his undergraduate studies at the University of Washington and received his Doctorate at New York University in Manhattan. This quote from Dr. Bilikas summarizes the core of his practice.

“I like being able to help people solve their (dentistry) problems. I want to offer a wide variety of solutions. I will come up with a plan for what (patients) need without them having to spend too much/ or without them traveling to several locations for something so essential to how we live and function.”

With our 32 Pearls Seattle and Tacoma Dentistry Invisalign 50% Off Special, there are no strings (or wires) attached.

More than 1/2 Off Invisalign (Normally $6,600. Now Only $3,200)!

Our Summer Invisalign Package Is All-Inclusive:

  • Retainers, Records, and Aligners included
  • 5-year follow up (If at any time within five years of treatment you have a relapse, we will fix it free)
  • FREE Bleaching – Invisalign trays have a unique scalloped design that keeps bleach away from the gums, preventing irritation and burns
  • You can use your insurance and HSA benefits for this, making it even MORE affordable
  • Visit our office for a FREE Invisalign consultation to see how we can give you a smile that you deserve

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EXTENDED DEADLINE: By popular demand, we have extended the deadline for this offer. Make sure you are seen for a consult by the end of August and you must start treatment before September 30th. Now is the time to get your teeth straightened! Contact us today.


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