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Low-Cost Invisalign Makes a Great Gift for Christmas.

This year, people are spending less money on trivial Christmas gifts and are choosing presents that people need instead. Why spend tons of cash on little things that clutter homes when you could make someone truly happy with what they want. 

People you know may not come out and say it, but someone in your life wants to improve their smile. Many people wish they had straight teeth, but they think teeth straightening treatment is too expensive.

The truth is that straightening your teeth with Invisalign is low-cost, accessible, and can be paid for by most insurance companies. There are payment plans and several different options to help you pay for Invisalign. All you have to do is call and ask—” How can I get low-cost Invisalign?”

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People value how they look.

Whether politically incorrect, judgemental, or egoic, scientific research proves that people rather look at other people with straight teeth. It may be a subconscious indication that a person has money, power, and success. Like it or not, it is how our society functions. It is not bad for people to want to feel good about themselves. If you could, wouldn’t you look the way you want? Think about how great it would be if you could perform at your best but not worry about being scrutinized over your flaws? Even better, what if you could help someone look and feel their best at very little cost.

It’s not all about looks.

Regardless of what society thinks, we like our patients no matter how they look. We care about dental hygiene. We care about soothing headaches, jaw pain, bleeding gums, and tooth pain. We want people to chew properly, sleep without grinding, have strong, healthy gums, and educate everyone on obtaining affordable and peak-performing oral hygiene. Proper teeth alignment heals several symptoms that plague people daily.

It’s about how patients feel after treatment.

Year after year, we witness complete transformations in the way people look, feel, and act after Invisalign treatment. Most patients can’t believe how amazing they look because they never thought they would see themselves with straight teeth. They always say, “I look better than I imagined.”

Invisalign is available as a gift.

Believe it or not, Invisalign makes a great gift. Even more so, people who want Invisalign might not come out and ask for it. If you know someone who openly talks about having crooked teeth or that they wish they had straighter teeth, or they complain about dental alignment concerns, giving the gift of Invisalign is perfect.

There is no age requirement for Invisalign, and most likely, you know someone who wants to smile. If you know someone who is dating, getting married, going to college, or starting high school—there is always a time for Invisalign. It is never too late for anyone to receive Invisalign treatment. Even seniors can be good candidates for Invisalign.

If you are a parent, grandparent, friend, partner, aunt, uncle, or sibling who wants to boost the overall health of someone in your life, we have the answer. If you are a parent of an adult child, there is a great chance that they want Invisalign. Do you know someone who had a rough year and could use a boost of self-esteem?

Give them a simple sign that shows you care. Get them Invisalign.

 Invisalign makes a great gift at a low-cost.

Improving the performance and function of teeth enhances your health.

Humans need proper dental health to help improve the whole physical body. When teeth aren’t straight, some problems can occur from improper alignment. Invisalign corrects all kinds of teeth alignment problems known as malocclusion.

Malocclusion means that the bite is not straight and can cause several problems. These health problems include pain in the jaw, TMJ, improper digestion, headaches, periodontal disease, and other complications. Malocclusion includes the following misalignments.

  • Crooked, misaligned teeth
  • Over-bite
  • Under-bite
  • Cross-bite
  • Crowded teeth
  • Jammed teeth
  • Teeth with gaps
  • Open-bites

There are no surprises with Invisalign, except for the gift you give.

With Invisalign, there are literally NO surprises in the way we offer treatment. We deliver a digital plan that shows how teeth will move and what they will look like after treatment. This way, patients know exactly how their teeth look after the Invisalign procedure. That’s amazing because there is no longer a guessing game that occurs with braces or other oral and dental adjustments.

There is one surprise. At 32 Pearls, Invisalign is 50% off.

(See link for details.)

No Holiday Shopping Required.

The best thing about buying Invisalign as a gift is that all you have to do is call us. There is no holiday shopping involved. You will not have to spend hours online looking for the perfect gift. You don’t have to deal with holiday traffic, crowded malls, or pay for shipping. All you have to do is call 32 Pearls.


Make someone’s Christmas truly enjoyable. Call 32 Pearls for more details about gifting Invisalign for Christmas. (206) 322-8862

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