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Seafair Weekend Festival 2022


Hey! We can’t wait to see you at the Seafair Weekend Festival this year.

We’ll be there, and we’re excited to share some exciting news with you:

In 2022, 32 Pearls will be a proud exhibitor at this year’s Seafair Weekend Festival. In addition to having fun and enjoying all that this event has to offer, we’ll also have a booth where you can get free CT scanning of your teeth. This will let you know the status of your teeth so that if there’s anything that needs to be fixed or improved, it can happen before any damage is done by bacteria or decay.

Plus, when you visit our booth, we’ll be giving away some sweet prizes—so don’t forget to stop by!

32 Pearls Logo

But wait… there’s more! We’ve got an app that can straighten your teeth in an instant using a selfie—and it’s available right now! So if you want to try it out while you’re at our booth at the festival this weekend, we’d love for you to do so (and then send us a selfie after!).