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Overbite Improvements With Invisalign: Estimated Time Frame

Overbite Improvements With Invisalign

Here’s an Overview: An overbite is more than just a cosmetic issue; it can be a significant concern for your dental health, potentially causing difficulties in eating and speaking. Invisalign offers a discreet and modern approach to teeth realignment, ensuring comfort without compromising effectiveness. The journey towards a perfectly aligned smile can feel filled with […]

Ten Reasons You Want to Get Invisalign at 32 Pearls

32 pearls invisalign

There is no better time than getting the smile you’ve always wanted. Right now, you can join the 12 million people that have transformed their smiles and lives with Invisalign. Even if you had braces in the past, your teeth shift over the years. Invisalign is less expensive and easier to manage than braces. If […]

Why Treating Black Triangles and Gapped Teeth with Composite is NOT The Best Idea

black triangle teeth

Get access to the best and most affordable treatment for black triangles and gapped teeth. The best method for closing gapped teeth includes the all-encompassing Invisalign solution. Black triangles in teeth, also known as gingival embrasures, cause embarrassment and a lack of confidence. No one wants large black gaps between their teeth that are highly […]

32 Pearls is a Top 1% Diamond Invisalign Provider

Diamond invisalign provider

Did you know that Invisalign provides a rating system for dentists? The Invisalign website provides a doctor locator with tier levels. Each level includes the number of patients seen within a year and how many Invisalign patients the dentist treated throughout their career. All dentists must attend an Invisalign Fundamentals course and prove that they […]

Invisalign Treatment Favorited Through Summer Amid Pandemic

Invisalign Treatment

Even though there is a lot going on in the world, people are making it a point to achieve their goals for health and oral hygiene. We have been excited that patient interest has expanded for our Invisalign treatment and alignment system. We have implemented all the safety regulations to welcome you back to our […]