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We’re going to Seafair 2022! Get a Free Dental Scan! 

Come out to our booth for free teeth scanning, prizes, and fun!

Coming up on August 5th – 7th, 32 Pearls will be a proud exhibitor at this year’s Seafair Weekend Festival. In addition to having fun and enjoying all that this event has to offer, we’ll have a booth where you can get free CT scanning  (dental scans) of your teeth. This will let you know the status of your teeth so that if there’s anything that needs to be fixed or improved, it can happen before any damage is done by bacteria or decay


We use a cutting-edge scanner called the iTero element® scanner to take high-resolution 3-D images of your teeth. With those images, we can create an individualized treatment plan after you make an appointment. Some dentists charge up to a few thousand for teeth scanning, but with 32 Pearls, it’s absolutely FREE.

This is the time for you to stop by while you’re having fun. Want Information on Invisalign®? Let us scan your teeth for FREE and find out if you are a good candidate for the best teeth straightening treatment in Seattle. 

Our staff will be on hand to help your family learn about their dental hygiene and what they can do for improvement. We don’t want you to have anything less than great results every time you visit the dentist. 

If any dental problems bother you, feel free to ask questions. You don’t have to be interested in Invisalign for a scan. Anyone with teeth (or without) will benefit from a scan. When you know what is bothering you, you can feel better sooner. If you are feeling tooth pain, jaw pain, headaches, having trouble chewing, grinding your teeth, or experiencing other dental symptoms, please stop by for a scan so that we can help you.

Not sure what to ask? Here are some suggestions on topics you may want to know.

  • Find out how you can pay 0% interest on payments as low as $99 per month for Invisalign treatment!
  • How about getting Invisalign for over 50% off the regular price? Ask us how you can save over $1,000 on Invisalign!
  • Ask how you can join the millions of patients that have changed their lives and smiles with Invisalign®.
  • Learn how to get complete state-of-the-art, affordable dental care for the whole family at 32 Pearls!
  • Ask how you can get FREE teeth whitening at 32 Pearls!


Seafair is a multi-week festival in Seattle with over 30 sanctioned events that reach more than two-million people. It’s about building community, creating memories, and providing affordable fun. The festival remains the fabric of our community and is made possible with the help of nearly 3,000 volunteers.

Each year we have partnered with Seafair and the Seattle/Tacoma community to help patients find ease, educational materials and affordable solutions that make dental care accessible to everyone.

Join our raffle for a chance to win a FREE iPad.

There are four different ways to win.

  1. Get Scanned
  2. Enter information into Invisalign® SmileView™
  3. Share and comment on our posts.
  4. Refer someone before Aug 31st 


Easier access to dental care and teeth straightening options

When you stop by the 32 Pearl’s tooth booth, we’ll have plenty of information regarding dental hygiene, restorative dentistry, teeth whitening and our Invisalign® care team will be available to show you how to get started on your dream smile.

But you don’t have to wait until Seafair! Find out how you will look after Invisalign treatment.

See what Invisalign® can do for you right now.

With Invisalign® SmileView™, you can see what you will look like before and after your Invisalign treatment.

All you have to do is click the link (above), and take a selfie with the Invisalign® SmileView™ app. Follow the instructions and see your results. Then, call 32 Pearls for your first appointment.

(206) 322-8862

See You at Seafair!!

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