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Fun and Festive Holiday Recipes that Inspire Kids to Eat Veggies

kids vegetables

Creativity is the way to get your kids to eat healthy foods. It is a known fact that the more you introduce kids to good food, the more they will want it. Research shows kids who eat more healthy treats when little will continue that habit into adulthood.


We found some enjoyable and entertaining recipes that you can make with your kids. We welcome you to try these excellent edibles and delight in the joy your children have eating them. 

1. Fun and Fruity Snowmen

We found these awesome snowmen made with bananas, strawberries, and blueberries. You can find the recipe at cleanandsensible.com. The best part of this project is it’s SO EASY!

Banana snowmen with raisin buttons and strawberry hats.

2. Fruit Fly Bugs

Kids love bugs. Tell your kids NOT to eat these because they will. These little buggies have strawberry wings, celery bodies and stick together with peanut butter or cream cheese. You can use various veggies and add chocolate chips for eyes. Check out the recipe at ilovevegan.com.

holiday recipes for kids

3. Mashed Potato Man

Thank you, morganmanagesmommyhood.com, for this beautiful recipe. Nothing is cuter than snowman mashed potatoes. Even more appealing is your child eating their vegetables!

holiday recipes for kids

4. The Lion King Sandwich

This Lion King sandwich is by far the coolest lunch made out of cheese, carrots, apple slices, and ham. Find the recipe at kiddiefoodies.com

Lion King sandwich cheese and carrots

#5 Hop on The Veggie Train

The food mommy experts over at mommymoment.ca gifted us with the best way to get kids to eat veggies. Naturally, that would be from a veggie-train. You simply stuff peppers with carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, or any of your kid’s healthy favorites.

veggie train

32 Pearls recommends any of these treats for a healthy and happier dental visit. Replacing sweets and candy with fresh food will always be a better choice for your overall health.


Remember to brush, floss, and rinse your teeth in between meals, and please be sure to see us regularly. 

We offer various services, including cleanings, preventative screenings, pediatrics, periodontal, extractions, Invisalign ®, and so much more. Click for a list of services.

Have a happy and peaceful holiday!

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