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Men’s Oral Health Ranks Low Compared to Women

Men need to step it up when it comes to their oral health. On average men are receiving low scores during dentists visits as compared to women. In a recent study conducted by the American Dental Association (ADA), men only go to the dentist when they think it is an absolute emergency while women visit on a more frequent basis.

Men tend to disregard oral health and have more bad habits that are dentist no-nos such as chewing tobacco, excess coffee drinking, smoking, and snacking on sweet treats.

Facts Why Men are not making the grade at the dentist.

  • Dentist visits not a top priority
  • Brush teeth less than women
  • Increased gum problems
  • More dental fillings
  • Higher rate of dry mouth
  • Higher rate of carcinogens
  • High blood pressure and heart disease

The American Dental Association (ADA) and the AGD discovered that 8 percent more women are brushing twice a day than men. Men also have not entirely made a habit of brushing after each meal. This statistic equals 20.5 percent of men being in comparison to 28.7 percent of women.

Men also tend to play more contact sports than women, such as hockey, rugby, and football. It is not uncommon for teeth to be knocked straight out of their mouths. Some of these hard-core sports fanatics are just too manly to have their mouths looked at after a potentially serious oral injury.

According to the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA), a study concluded that 13-39 percent of dental injuries are from collisions on the field. 2-8 percent of these are maxillofacial in males hurt twice as much as females. The tooth punched out the most is the central incisor.

The cost of these sport-related dental emergencies cost 500 million dollars!

Eight Ways To Improve Men’s Oral Health

  1. Brushing at least twice a day and after meals.
  2. Scheduling dentist appointments and follow up visits before an emergency.
  3. Quit smoking and ingesting highly caffeinated beverages.
  4. Add rising with a mouth rinse or mouthwash in addition to brushing.
  5. Flossing regularly.
  6. No more sugar.
  7. Use fluoride toothpaste.
  8. Brushing your tongue.

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