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Vaccines and Boosters Administered at 32 Pearls

32 Pearls keeps you in compliance with Covid vaccines and boosters

Dentists Authorized to Give Covid-19 Vaccine: Get your free vaccine at 32 Pearls and a lower price on teeth straightening Invisalign The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has given dentists the authority to vaccinate after letters of request from the ADA (American Dental Association.) The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services amended […]

Stress from Covid-19 Amps Cases of Cracked Teeth, Dental Fractures, and Cases of TMJ

cracked teeth

Dentists nationwide witness an increase of cracked teeth, broken teeth, teeth fractures, and teeth grinding due to chronic stress during Covid-19. Dentists agree that the added stress from the pandemic and a new normal of anxiety has created a hike in dental problems. A patient informed Dr.Bilikas at 32 Pearls Seattle about a recent NYTimes […]

COVID-19 Update: 32 Pearls has a safe and sanitary office

32 Pearls COVID 19 Update

As an oral healthcare provider, 32 Pearls has your best interest in mind. As we reopen our practice, we continue to update our Covid-19 policies. Check our blogs, and media content about our safety practices. We’re committed to guiding you through this time of re-opening. Our new content will include: New Environment Safety Procedures Bringing non-patients to […]