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32 Pearl’s Invisalign Tips and Tricks Just For You

Congratulations! You finally took advantage of Seattle’s Invisalign Experts! Good job. 32 Pearls extend their thanks to all their patients and a low cost for Invisalign treatment. Seattle, Tacoma 32 Pearls is still accepting new patients while busily keeping up with proud new Invisalign smiles.

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Now that you are an Invisalign patient, you’ll want to become an Invisalign expert with these Invisalign tips just for you!

These Invisalign tips will make your smile journey easy for you.

If you are still considering Invisalign, call Seattle Invisalign Experts at 32 Pearls (206) 322-8862 for an amazing ½ off deal.

#1 Do precisely what the staff at 32 Pearls tells you to do. Sure, people tell you what to do all of the time. Sometimes doing what they say helps. It’s those little hints and tricks you want to listen to, which will ease the whole process. While the guy in the other chair is whining and complaining because he didn’t clean his aligners, you will leave the office happy and confident because you did. The Seattle Invisalign experts know what they are talking about and understand what will make your Invisalign treatment journey so much better.

#2 Don’t give up and take them out too early. Soreness is normal at the beginning of Invisalign treatment. If they are really hurting, tell the staff. Try to leave them in as long as possible. The first 22 hours of wearing your trays and wearing them consistently after that will reduce the soreness later.

#3 Chewing is excellent for Invisalign productivity and enhances the process. Chewing? Yes. Chewing is a great way to help your Invisalign work better. In the earlier stages of your Invisalign treatment, you may find yourself biting on the aligners by accident. That is okay because chewing helps engage and stimulate the cellular activity that allows the aligners to move. Instead of chewing the aligner, Chewies are an excellent recommendation to chew your way to relief.

Chewies are little styrofoam pellets that you can chew on all day long. Ask your Seattle Experts if they have any extra. You can also get them on Amazon. They will help in so many ways.

  • Ease soreness
  • Create movement in your jaw
  • Stress-relief

#4 Movemints. Movemints are great at keeping your mouth moving to aid in the transition of your teeth. They might even help your Invisalign treatment to move faster. Since they were invented only for Invisalign users, people won’t be inclined to ask you for one.

Invented for Invisalign users only, these yummy treats are great because they won’t bother or irritate your gums like other mints. They have ridges in them designed for you to hold them against the trays so you can keep them in your mouth and they don’t contain sugar.

Movemints are great at keeping your mouth moving to aid in the transition of your teeth. They might even help your Invisalign treatment to move faster. Since they were invented only for Invisalign, people won’t be inclined to ask you for one.

  • Fight Dry Mouth
  • Have little grooves that fit between aligner trays
  • Sugar-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegan

#5 Have a portable Invisalign kit. Putting together this little kit will save you a lot of trouble when you are out and about with your Invisalign. Put these items in a handy little kit and take it with you, so you always remember to brush your teeth and be thorough with your treatment.


If you are interested in Invisalign and what it can do for your smile, the best tip is to call Seattle’s #1 dentists 32 Pearls.(206) 322-8862

  • Soft, bendable, portable tooth-brush– You have to brush your teeth two or more times a day.
  • Tiny tubes of toothpaste– These are cheap, easy to find, and can be found in three packs.
  • Lip balm– Your lips may be dry or chapped from Invisalign. Lip balm is a must.
  • Dental floss– With Invisalign, your teeth get dry because you don’t have natural lubrication that comes from saliva. Your teeth might need a little help to wash away food particles.
  • Tiny bottles of mouthwash– You’ll find that you want to rinse more often to help you with dry mouth. Plus, your breath will be fresher. Peroxide based mouthwash will clean sores. 
  • Dental wax- Dental wax is great to have around for sores or jagged edges caused by aligner tightness. With two clean fingers, take a dab of wax and squoosh it against the problem area.

#6 Aligner removal tools. Taking out your aligners can be a little bit of a chore in the beginning. Be sure to add them to your portable Invisalign kit. Aligner removals will easily shift your aligners away from your teeth for easy removal. They are made of plastic and fit in between the aligner and your teeth to gently pull the aligner away. There are many different sizes and shapes. They can be purchased on Amazon.

#7 Rinse and clean your aligners. Washing your aligners is easy with retainer cleaning options. If in a hurry you can run cold water over them, but you also have to clean and store them. There are tons of different ways to clean your Invisalign aligners. You can get sprays, tablets, and an assortment of brands such as Retainer Brite or Dental Duty, which can be purchased at different options and prices.

32 Pearls have extended the Invisalign ½ OFF SALE. Lowest price cost for Invisalign is now priced at $3,200

We thought it was only going to be one month long. The awesome dentists at 32 Pearls have extended the Invisalign sale and will now take patients that missed the deadline.

Invisalign Package Is All-Inclusive:

  • Retainers, Records, and Aligners included
  • 5-year follow up (If at any time within five years of treatment you have a relapse, we will fix it free)
  • FREE Bleaching – Invisalign trays have a unique scalloped design that keeps bleach away from the gums, preventing irritation and burns
  • You can use your insurance and HSA benefits for this, making it even MORE affordable
  • Visit our office for a FREE Invisalign consultation to see how we can give you a smile that you deserve

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