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New Year. New Smile. New You. Over $1000 off Invisalign®

Over $1000 off Invisalign.

New offer for 2022 includes over $1000 off Invisalign treatment + FREE whitening. Get in while you can for your FREE smile assessment.  Schedule an appointment at (206) 322- 8862. New year’s resolutions are all about self-improvement. People write down their intentions to help change habits, improve their looks, and incorporate healthy, creative routines. What […]

Low-Cost Invisalign Makes a Great Gift for Christmas.

Christmas Sale 50% Off Invisalign

This year, people are spending less money on trivial Christmas gifts and are choosing presents that people need instead. Why spend tons of cash on little things that clutter homes when you could make someone truly happy with what they want.  People you know may not come out and say it, but someone in your […]