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Innovative Implant Expertise at 32 Pearls: Dr. Bilikas Unveils a Multifaceted Certification Spectrum

Innovative Implant Expertise at 32 Pearls: Dr. Bilikas Unveils a Multifaceted Certification Spectrum

Seattle Implant Experts integrate All-in-4. All-on-X and more cutting-edge techniques, transforming dental implants into a streamlined All-In-A-Day procedure. Dr. Bilikas, having recently completed the Master course Full Arch Immediate Loading, refined his surgical expertise and gained advanced techniques to enhance support for denture patients and individuals requiring full mouth restorations. Why did Dr. Bilikas choose […]

7 Reasons Dental Implants Will Make You Smile at 32 Pearls

7 Reasons Dental Implants Will Make You Smile at 32 Pearls

Technological Advancements make implants a simpler solution for Seattle Patients. Are you facing challenges and frustrations due to tooth loss? Losing teeth can present several challenges and problems for individuals. Some common issues that people who have lost their teeth may encounter include difficulty chewing and eating. Missing teeth can make it challenging to properly […]

Dr. Michael Bilikas Receives Top Honors For Implant Dentistry

international dental implant association diplomate

The International Dental Implant Association recognizes Michael L Bilikas, DDS, for his Membership Upgrade: Diplomate Status, which is the Association’s most exclusive and recognized accomplishment. The International Dental Implant Association, the world’s fastest-growing continuing education alumni network, today announced that Dr. Michael L Bilikas, of Seattle, WA, was recognized for his continued dedication to the […]

Why You Need to Avoid D-I-Y Orthodontics & Dentistry

diy dentist

Why moving your own teeth without a dentist is a bad idea Wouldn’t it be great if you could not go to the dentist and “straighten your teeth” at home? Instead of driving to a dentist’s office, you just grab a pair of paperclips, wrap them around your teeth, and voilà, you just re-invented braces… […]

Tips for a Healthier Halloween

healthy teeth during Halloween

Halloween treats are fine once a year when eaten in moderation. Globs and Globs of Halloween candy will get you in the dentist’s chair quick. Halloween week is one of the busiest times for dentists due to Halloween related- dental injuries. Usually, a tooth is broken or damaged from biting down on hard candies. The […]

Reasons for Teeth Extraction or Pulling Teeth

A Crowded Mouth- Too many teeth grown closely together can crowd a mouth. These crowded teeth will keep other teeth from growing straight or keep other teeth from growing at all. Wisdom teeth and back teeth tend to block the proper growth of several visible teeth. Infection- Your teeth may have been exposed to an […]

Are Dental Implants Right For You?


Dental implantation is a science that has been around for about a quarter-century. The process, though, is as much about experience and artistic talent as it is science. That’s because you will want the resulting tooth to look as natural as possible, and that takes a good eye and lots of practice. When teeth are […]