Restorative Dentistry

Stress from Covid-19 Amps Cases of Cracked Teeth, Dental Fractures, and Cases of TMJ

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cracked teeth

Dentists nationwide witness an increase of cracked teeth, broken teeth, teeth fractures, and teeth grinding due to chronic stress during Covid-19. Dentists agree that the added stress from the pandemic and a new normal of anxiety has created a hike in dental problems. A patient informed Dr.Bilikis at 32 Pearls Seattle about a recent NYTimes […]

Cosmetic Dentistry

Tips for a Healthier Halloween

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healthy teeth during Halloween

Halloween treats are fine once a year when eaten in moderation. Globs and Globs of Halloween candy will get you in the dentist’s chair quick. Halloween week is one of the busiest times for dentists due to Halloween related- dental injuries. Usually, a tooth is broken or damaged from biting down on hard candies. The […]

Dental Implants

What your medical insurance company refuses to acknowledge could be costing you years off your life

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failing teeth 32 pearls dentistry Seattle and Tacoma

Suppose you had multiple failing teeth because you just couldn’t chew well, and all kinds of digestive complications arose from it. Would the insurance company be better off paying the cost of ongoing rehabilitative care for the digestive complications, over and over, or paying once for a full-arch, dental implant-supported bridge that could correct the […]