Turn your 2022 Benefits into a smile

There are a number of financing options available, making Invisalign® more affordable than ever. Now’s the time! You’ve waited long enough for a beautiful smile. This year your dream can be a reality with Invisalign® aligners. And here’s the best part: your FSA or HSA benefits can help pay for treatment! Contact our office today […]

Vaccines and Boosters Administered at 32 Pearls

32 Pearls keeps you in compliance with Covid vaccines and boosters

Dentists Authorized to Give Covid-19 Vaccine: Get your free vaccine at 32 Pearls and a lower price on teeth straightening Invisalign The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has given dentists the authority to vaccinate after letters of request from the ADA (American Dental Association.) The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services amended […]

Men Benefit from Invisalign Smiles and the NFL!

Men benefit from Invisalign smiles and the NFL

You have the TV on, and you hear it first. The familiar, blaring trumpets burst forth from the FOX network. It’s the NFL theme song. You freeze at first. You know what it means. It’s the holiday-football season! It sends shivers down your spine. What does it all mean? It means men can also benefit […]